St Benedict was born was Nursia, in the province of Umbria in north - central Italy, around the year 480. He was of noble lineage and a sister, scholastic who had vowed herself to god from early childhood. In keeping with his rank, Benedict was sent to Rome for his education, accompanied by an aged and devoted governess. He was the father of the western church. St Benedict, founder of the great order of Benedictines, which has given down the centuries 24 popes, 4600 bishops and over 5000 canonized saints. Benedict wrote his famous rule for his order. It has been hailed as “a monument of legislative art, remarkable alike for its completeness, its simplicity and its adaptability.” The rule is addressed to all those who, renouncing their own will, accept “the strong and bright amour of obedience, to fight under our lord Christ, our true king”. Benedict took his motto, “Ora et Labora” - pray and work. He taught that work was not only dignified but conducive to sanctity.

The Benedict order has spread throughout the world. It was responsible for winning over the whole of Europe to Christianity. Through the dark ages, Benedictine monasteries were oases of peace and happiness.

He was passed away on March 21, 547. The body of St. Benedict buried in a common tomb in the abbey of Monte Casino.

Let us pray to St Benedict, who in the humble and little ones shows in a wonderful way the great works of your grace, we humbly pray that through his intercession of St Benedict, we may recognize in our brothers and sisters suffering in mind and body, each day ever more clearly, the face of Christ.