Dokum Colony

St. Francis Xavier, apostolic of India and Japan, was born on 7th April 1506 in a noble family at castle of Xavier near Pamplona, Spain. His native language, like that of St. Ignatius of Loyola, was Basque. As a boy he was ambitious and fond of sport, but was also generous by nature and capable of heroic love and endurance. Ignatius decided to gain Peter Faber and Francis for God as they had the qualities for the mission he had in view. Peter was easy to win over, but Francis took time to respond. Ignatius kept frequently whispering to Francis the words of the Lord, "What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and suffers the loss of his own Soul?". Eventually Francis accepted the call that came through Ignatius.

St. Xavier laboured ceaselessly and tirelessly for ten years in evangelizing India, Malaya and Japan, encountering innumerable difficulties and even the jealously of his own associates. In ten years he travelled across the major part of the Far East. This was an extraordianary achievement in his times. It is even more astounding that wherever he preached, he left behind a flourishing Church. He won thousands to the faith and baptized them. The fruits of his labour are seen even today.

Francis believed that salvation comes only from Christ. He condemned paganism and idolatry, dialogued with people and disputed with the leaders of other faiths. In spite of the difficulties of language, he understood the needs of the poor and helped them as best as he could. Let us also commit ourselves to give those us a valid testimony to Christ through our life of faith