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Glorious Doctor and Father of the Church, great among saints, Aurelius Augustine was born on 13 November 354 at Thagaste in Nmidia, Africa. His father Patricius, a petty landlord and town councilor, was a pagan who before his death became a Catholic. His mother, St. Monica, was a devout Catholic. Augustine himself records, "I was signed with sign of the Cross, and seasoned with his salt, almost as soon as I saw the light. By your mercy, 0 God, I heard the name of your son, my Saviour, even when I fed at my mother's breast." He is revered as one of the four great Doctors of the Catholic Church.

Being of the finest intellects, and deeply committed to the Catholic faith, Augustine was an original thinker and a creative and prolific writer. Yet, in him humility and sincerity, he used to send his manuscripts to his friends for correction and approval. His literary works include about 120 books and 218 letters. His more important books are: Rudiments of Cathesis, Confessions, Christian Doctrine, City of God and the Trinity. St. Augustine is the "Doctor of Grace". He teaches that while rewarding our merits, God is crowning His own very gifts. "This is the sum of religion, to imitate the one whom you worship." Everyone converted to God will find that while his delights and pleasures have been changed, they have not been taken away."