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"Only the Lord Jesus known the variety extent of my suffering. He loves me very much."My only desire in this world is to suffer for love of God and rejoice in doing so." God in His goodness has enabled me to preserve the undefiled grace I obtained in baptism."These are the words St. Alphonsa wrote confidentially to her spiritual director which bear witness to her personhood. She was born to Mary and Joseph on 19th August 1910 at Kudamalooe, Kerala, and was baptized Anna, affectionately called Annakutty. On the 37th day her mother passed away. By the time she began to talk, she was able to recite, "Virgin Mary, my mother, make my heart dear to the Heart of Jesus." On 28th July 1946, smiling amidst indescribable pains and with the names of Jesus, Mary and Joseph on her lips, she breathed her last. She was one who loved the Lord with all her heart, soul and strength.

Though St. Alphonsa lived hardly for 36 years, and mostly in her sick bed, she became an object lesson in fruitful living. In all her suffering she kept smiling. She was a good spiritual guide and at times could even read hearts and foretell the future. Her humility and charity were truly heroic. Little children recognized her as holy and said so. She used to spend hours praying before the Blessed Sacrament and reciting the Rosary. Her life stands as a shining example for all of us. She was beautified on 8th February 1986 by Pope John Paul II at Kottyam, Kerela. Her canonization was on 12th October 2010. Let us draw inspiration from her life. May she help us to understand better what it means to live and die for love of the Lord.