History of the Parish

Sacred Heart Parish, Naharlagun was canonically erected on 25th July 2004 by Most Rev. Robert Kerketta, then Bishop of Tezpur, with nearly three hundred catholic families, in and around Naharlagun town. Fr Jacob Mattathilany was first appointed the first parish priest. He took up his residence in a rented house, in the E sector of the town, to take care of the parish community. The land donated by Mr Tok Buttum, on Papu Potu took many years to develop as a suitable location for a permanent parish house and future church.

Parish has been divided into eighteen family units with their own heavenly patrons. All the sectors have committed sector leaders who assist in their faith formation. Every family unit conduct weekly prayer services on regular basis. Small Christian Community also has taken root in some of these sectors. Those who regularly participate in these programmes have derived great benefits and experienced steady growth in their faith life. We have organized youth programmes from time to time. We can still improve our youth ministry. Women of the parish have organized many programmes over the years. It is encouraging that so many of our women folk are ready to make sacrifices for their faith. We have Sunday catechism classes for the catholic children of the parish. Regular attendance at Sunday catechism will help our future generation, to grow up as good believers and useful citizens of this great nation.

The parish community has grown to nearly six hundred families. The number of baptism, communion and marriages have increased over the years. The church was not having sufficient space for the congregation. The damage caused by flood waters and mud slide, have rented the church unusable, forcing us to relocate the church services to the newly constructed parish house. An adequate substantial and dignified church was spoken as a dream for past many years. Plans and preparations for a permanent church is under way. We hope and pray that a new church will be constructed with full involvement of the entire parish community.

The whole parish community should be of one mind and heart. Every catholic has to be involved in the parish activities. This parish directory should enable us to know one another and move forward unitedly on our spiritually journey.

We are grateful to the young missionaries, such has Fr Xavier Mooshari, Fr Michal Soreng, Fr Benny Mathew , Fr Ajay Edward, Fr. Bosco Kujur and Fr Cejo Chakkery , who sacrifice themselves in the service of our people. All their services have helped us to become a vibrant parish community. The services of the Missionaries of Charity, Franciscan Clarist Sisters, as well as Franciscan brothers are grateful to remembered.