Papu Nallah

Joseph was the true spouse and guardian of Mary, her true companion in joy and sorrow, her confident and support in bringing us Jesus in difficult circumstances. The dignity mission and prerogatives of Joseph are without parallel. The Word of God became flesh, and was received and brough up in the family of St. Joseph. As husband of Mary, it was his privileged to look after the God who became man. He was the father of Jesus, not by blood relationship, but by law and true paternal bonds. Jesus enjoyed Joseph's fatherly love and care. Jesus loved, respected and obeyed Joseph and Mary.

St. Joseph was a very religious person, practicing exemplary obedience to the laws, ever attentive to welcome and obeyed the will of God. He is totally available to God’s plan, and gave his "fiat" to it as Mary did. His outstanding qualities are docility, silence and humility. He was the head of the Holy Family and guardian of the Saviour Child, ever attentive and docile to the voice of God. He is the model, patron and guardian of virgins. On account of his wholehearted cooperation with God, St. Joseph is a model of every believer and especially of every Gospel worker who is called to be a cooperator in the work of redemption. Let us imitate him, and ask his intercession for the grace to cooperate effectively in the world's redemption.