Polo Colony

St. Thomas the Apostle is the Father in Faith of great many Christians in India. After the Ascension of the Lord, Thomas went forth to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ among Parthians, Medes, and Persians, and finally he reached India. According to Tradition, in 52 AD he landed at Kodungalloor in Kerala. He received numerous persons into the faith and built seven churches in Kerala. St. Thomas had full trust in his Master. The faith of Thomas was such that he was ever ready to die for his beloved Master. When Jesus was told about the illness of Lazarus and was setting out to Bethany in Judea, the other disciples were afraid and cautioned Jesus about the fanger he would meet there. But Thomas boldly came forward and said, "Let us also go and die with him." And indeed, Thomas did followed Christ and died for him. He was martyred on 3rd July, in the year 72, at Chinna Malai in Chennai. His body was solemnly buried by the King (Perumal) inside the church which the Apostle had built ar Mylapore. Later the major part of the relics was taken to Edessa in Syria, then in the 12th Centuary to Chois in Asia Minor, and from there to Ortona in Italy where it is still venerated.

A living faith is an active faith. It is not enough that we believe without seeing; our activity should manifest our faith. If our faith is deep and sincere, we shall, like St. Thomas, be ready even to die for Christ our Lord. May the deep Apostle Thomas that burst forth into the call, Let us also go and die with him." stir our hearts and urge us to a more of personal faith and commitment as followers of Christ. Let us strive earnestly to be faithful children of this great Father in Faith. And may he intercede for us that our faith may never fail.